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Today at Smart Leaders Sell, I want to talk about a topic that I feel we kind of need to lift a veil on a little bit. It’s something that is particularly prevalent in the online world, and something that I had never experienced really before I came here.
Today we’re going to be talking about what happens when somebody repurposes your idea, copycats your work, or uses your stuff without permission.
01:38 – It drives me a little bit up the wall when I had put in a ton of effort into a launch, or I have carefully sat there for hours, curating my instagram graphics, or make a really awesome blog. And then a week later, I get a little email from someone in my tribe, because I’m very fortunate to have a tribe that are super hot on my content, and they’ll say, “Hey Jess, someone has used all of your Instagram graphics on their Instagram page and they haven’t credited you.”
2:35 – Copy catting happens in the online space. I was listening to Danielle LaPorte the other day, and she did a fantastic interview with Ali Brown on her glambition radio podcast. She said that we as a society, have become overly tolerant, because that’s what we believe compassion is.
4:02 – It really grinds my gears when someone thinks that they can take that three years of work, and effort, and pain, blood, sweat, and tears. And repurpose it as their own product, or service, or blog, or graphic, or whatever.
05:14 – Part of being a business owner, and part of being a great leader, is actually about protecting your business. And that’s a lesson I’ve learned many times over the years.
06:29 – On an emotional level, copy catting is gross. It makes you feel unhappy on a big scale.
It is absolutely your right to be angry and to feel that frustration, that somebody else has repurposed or reused your content in a way that was not appropriate.
08:11 – Allow yourself to know that it is OK to be angry. It’s OK to be frustrated and it doesn’t make you less heart-centered. It doesn’t make you less of a nice person.
08:44 – The second part to emotionally protecting yourself in this kind of situation is forgiveness.
10:33 – Sometimes when we get copycats, when we get admirers, it can be really difficult to broach the topic with them.
11:08 – What do you actually do in practical steps that’s going to help you feel good, work with integrity, and really help you protect your content, and your business at the best level?
11:22 – Start out by being kind and assuming that perhaps that person had just made a mistake, and maybe they’re new to business, maybe they just didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.
13:17 – Sometimes people don’t take action and unfortunately, that’s where we do have to step up to protect our businesses at a slightly different level.
14:49 – Your business, your mission, the impact that you’re going to make on the world is huge. If people start learning it from someone who’s not qualified, or doesn’t have the same experience as you, or who isn’t actually the proprietor of the materials, they’re going to get a crap experience.
They probably will not get the transformation that they actually wanted and paid for. And that’s not fair.
15:34 – Everybody should be protecting their business at a legal level.
17:48 – If it means that I’m going to protect my audience, that I’m going to help them achieve the transformation that they want, that I’m going to leave my community and set clear boundaries about the behavior I will and I will not tolerate, I’m going to bring in the experts every single step of the way.
18:24 – Quick recap.If you have had somebody copycat your business idea, your launch, your blog, your graphics, whatever it might be.
Emotionally look after yourself
Make sure you deal with quickly, decisively and in a practical way
As a leader, it is your job to protect your community, to act with compassion, and to make sure that your mission, and your message, make the impact that is needed on the world.
Resources Mentioned:
Glambition Radio Podcast: Episode with Danielle LaPorte

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