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Today we are going to be covering something particularly near and dear to my heart: the myth about stories.
If you are new to the online world, or even if you are experienced with our kind of weird and wonderful ways in the online world entrepreneurship, you’ll know that your story is super important. Sharing your story is really, really important to building your brand, getting visible, and actually helping your audience to resonate with you and the reason that you are doing this.
1:10 – What is my big bad bear with story?
2:27 – There are a lot of rags to riches stories out there.
I thought that nobody really wants to hear the story about the middle-class red head who worked her way through university, got a great job in corporate, travelled the world, had a blast, and one day woke up, and I was like, “Oh, I think there must be more…”
4:05 – I could not believe what I was hearing from my business coach.
Ooh, that’s not cool. So for two years, I completely rejected putting anything about my story online. I find the idea of dredging up traumatic emotions, I feel like pimping out my personal life for profit.
5:03 – Seth Godin wrote this fantastic book called “Tribes” and it was about bringing people together, creating movements. I also read Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why”. I have been really skeptical about these books because I’ve seen so many misrepresentations of these works and the kind of effort that they had sparked.
06:11 – On a practical scale, having a story in your business, is something that every business needs. In fact every successful business out there, in the words of Simon Sinek, “they start with a why”. And that why becomes their mission. It becomes their reason for being, their purpose in the industry.
7:03 – If the purpose of your story is to help your ideal clients resonate with you, and you are a mom, and you’re building a business with four children in tow, firstly, you are a superhero. Secondly, if your ideal client is also moms who are trying to build businesses, with children around, then it’s going to be super relevant, and it’s going to give them clear examples of what life is going to be like and how they can manage and overcome obstacles.
10:51 – Using your story in the right way can help people identify strongly with your brand and help you formulate a tribe that is genuinely bought into your why, and your mission, and your purpose, and why you are doing the things that you’re doing. Why the products and services that you’re selling is so important.
11:42 – There are a couple of tips I want to share with you on how you can share your story authentically, make it real for your customers, and how you can help you business make more sales through having a story that is genuine, and that is going to resonate to what your ideal clients are looking for.
12:02 – Tip Number One – Your story has to be real
Your story needs to be real. It needs to be your story.
14:39 – Tip Number Two – Your story has to provide a lesson to your ideal client
There must be a purpose towards using your story. There must be a purpose towards using the examples that you use and it’s got to resonate with your ideal clients.
15:31 – Final Tip – You have to be prepared for the fact that authenticity is hard
Sharing your story authentically can be really, really tough.
17:19 – It’s about being different, it’s about disrupting the stage that we have as online entrepreneurs and genuinely inviting your audience to be a bigger part of what you’re trying to do. It’s about sharing them the real raw, honest, side of you that perhaps you work a little bit harder to conceal on occasion.
18:02 – Sales and stories tend to go hand in hand and they are important together.
People buy from stories, and they don’t just buy from your story, they buy from other people’s stories, they buy from other people’s learning experiences.
Every time you share a story, every time you share a case study, every time you share a story of a client, or the results for a client, that’s exactly what people are seeing. They’re seeing how they can learn from those people’s experiences, from your experiences, and that’s absolutely huge.
To be a bold, brave leader, it’s about stepping up, owning your story, and using that to help impact your clients in the best way possible.

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