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I’m so excited to be with you here today because we’re talking about one of my favorite topics which is money, honey!

When we start thinking about money we have so many emotions that come up. Recently I went to an event with the incredible Denise Duffield-Thomas. It’s really shifted some perspective for me on what I actually felt about money and why.
So I want to share them with you today in this episode of smart leaders sell so that we can all monetize our mission and really make the world a better place.
01:26 – Why I flippin’ love Denise Duffield-Thomas.
One of the reasons why I adore her so much is because she is completely down to earth, she is a real live human, and she has a wicked sense of humor. The second reason that I adore her is because she actually talks about money. And that sounds so weird!
02:15 – Today we bust some myths on what it really means to talk about money. Whether or not it makes you a massive bitch or whether or not it makes you a smart and savvy business owner.
04:12 – When I was starting my business, I had a corporate job. I gave myself three months to leave my job and to be making money in my business and it was pretty easy!
I would get up at 5AM and I would be doing client calls and I would be looking at promoting my business and marketing it in different places and on social media. And I would get home at about 9PM, and I would continue to work until midnight.
05:07 – The I kind of realized that, actually, running a business without a safety net of a salary was a little bit more challenging than I thought.
That first three months after leaving my corporate job, were the hardest in my business ever. And they were the times that I actually made the least money in my business. They were the times I really worried about money that I struggled financially.
07:14 – Then I started to realize that there were a lot of reasons that I was not making money.
I looked at what successful people were actually saying about money. I found that I was concerned about how easy they made it sound. I also found that I could get onboard with some of the topics that they were talking about – how money is easy to come by, how having money doesn’t make you a bad person, and how actually monetizing your mission and passion is what helps you as a leader to change the world – and that’s what I am really interested in. I was interested in changing the world. I was interested in helping women become more empowered.
8:44 – Your relationship with money will change over time.
Sometimes it’s gonna be great. Sometimes you’ll be head over heels in love with your money and with your finances. And sometimes you’re gonna be a bit like – I don’t even want to look at it, I don’t even want to talk about it.
11:17 – I was a big saver but I never spent anything that I didn’t have to, and I never spent anything on myself.
I never rewarded myself. I never just made splurge or impulse purchases.That’s not a healthy relationship with money, because it was not open, it’s not transparent. It’s just about you being conservative. It’s really you just saving your money for a rainy day that may never happen.
12:30 – Women aren’t raised to be wealthy.
This is something that I have been thinking and thinking of over time.
13:39 – We’re not raised to be wealthy.
We’re not raised to be part of that “game.” That is able to have an abundance of wealth and feel good about it.
14:52 – Rich women can change the world.
And that rich women should change the world. I thought to myself, “This is incredible!”
Women should be changing the world, right? If you have more money, you are able to impact more people. And that’s just simple economics.
If you have more money, you are able to pay for advertising, which will help you get your message out to thousands upon thousands, even millions of people. You’re making a bigger impact with your message.
16:27 – Money is helping our mission grow.
We’re helping people transform.
17:00 – Rich women can influence masses and change in the world.
I think of myself as wealthy and I donate to charity. That’s my choice to help the world, to influence the world, to impact the world. Is to donate revenue to charity.
18:40 – What else do rich women do?
I saw rich women leading movements, starting tribes, creating change, impacting different areas that I’ve never even talked about.
19:16 – Rich women are helping to educate and support other women, and help them live out their dreams, and help them become educated.
Rich women are donating to charity.
Rich women are impacting millions with their nurture skills and their ideas of social responsibility.
Rich women are inventing new ways of helping people in the third world to survive.
Rich women are helping to spiral scientific development in areas like cancer and huge impacts in terms of medical science.
And these are all done quietly and behind the scenes, but it is done because they are rich women, and rich men, who are helping to change the world.
21:03 – The world does run with currencies.
Whatever that might be to you, it’s undeniable that finances and financial impact and wealth have a huge part to play in terms of how we change the world as a collective.
22:02 – It’s to raise and breed a generation of female business owners and leaders that are happy to stand in their wealth and say, “yes, I’m here, I have a great relationship with my finances, I am open about wanting abundance in all areas of my life, including money, and I am happy to educate other women and to take a stand for other women to feel the same about financial empowerment…”
23:03 – Yes! With our businesses, of course we want to help people. But we also do want to create the best life for ourselves. We want to be able to monetize our passion. We want to be able to live the life that we dream of. And, you know what, sometimes it is great to wake up and just know that you are financially stable. That you are happy. That you are free.
And ultimately, that is what money creates, it creates freedom. And everybody deserves that.
23:52 – You need to assess your relationship with money.
Are you openly tracking your finances? Are you somebody that knows how much is in your business bank account? Are you somebody that needs a little bit of work on planning out the investments in your business and making a return? Or are you somebody that knows where your money is going, right down to the last cent or penny?
Think about it and let me know. I would love to hear your opinion about money and finances and how you think of financial empowerment.
Because you know, not everybody has to be a six-figure or a seven-figure business owner, but I firmly believe that every single woman, every single leader, every single business owner, should be financially free.
What do you think?
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Denise Duffield Thomas London Event 2017 – this event has passed, but you should check out LuckyBitch.com to find out more!

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