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Today I have a really interesting and juicy sales topic that I want to talk to you about.
It’s something that I experienced recently. Once I started telling people that I have this experience, people were coming out of the woodwork saying that it happened to them too.
The topic today is when people show you who they are, believe them.
01:25 – The credit for this goes completely to one of my very good friend, mentor, colleague, and ex-client, Heather Gray who is the mindset ninja for up and coming leaders in their industry.
02:40 – I wanted to set up a podcast and I got this great recommendation of this amazing person as a podcast coach. I went and talked to them. And it was fantastic!
02:51 – We got to the point in the call where I would anticipate a pitch. I said, “Look, I love a good sales process. You come to me recommended, I like what you’re saying. I want to give you my money.”
03:10 – This person was like, “I’m gonna send you an email and that will outline what my packages are.”
03:15 – I figured that some people don’t like selling.
03:37 – The next day, I sat there, waiting. I was thinking that I can’t wait for his email and that it’s going to be amazing! I’m gonna rock this podcast and I’m gonna be on new and noteworthy, number one in iTunes!
However, the email never came.
04:15 – The next day, there was still no email.
It was like being rejected on a date.
05:00 – I put my big girl pants on and I emailed the person and said –
Hey, I thought you were great. I really wanted to work with you and I made that really clear on the call. You came recommended by a really respected colleague of mine and you said were going to email me. And you never did.
It’s cool if I’m not your ideal client but just as feedback, I would have loved for you to have told me that on the call so I could have explored other options. And I could have found somebody else who was potentially right for me.
05:40 – I got an email back like an hour later that said –
I’m really sorry. I had a lot going on. I’ll still send you the email about the packages if that’s cool with you.
06:00 – I talked to Heather and she told me, that when people show you who they are, you have to believe them.
06:25 – After 24 hours of replying that I still want to see the packages, there was still no email. 48 hours, still no email. This time I didn’t send and email back to say that I never got the email.
07:00 – When people show you who they are, you have to believe them. It’s the same as when you get these clients. When you have people that say, “I’m a hell yes!” When you ask them if they’re a leader, if they’re committed to their clients, if they’re committed to change, to having this huge breakthrough or transformation.
07:57 – When we look at the sales process, you’re going to have a lot of people who say that they are one thing, and then they are going to act in a different way.
08:15 – If you’re on a sales call and you want to work with somebody, tell them. Be enthusiastic, be passionate, talk to them about what you can do. Don’t just leave them hanging.
If you can’t help them, tell them.
08:36 – If somebody says something, if they say that they’re a hell yes, and then they act differently, believe their actions. Not their words. Words are great but they will not do the work for your client.
09:01 – Use this as a lesson to look at you. Do you want to save people? If you do, that’s great! It’s a really good characteristic for you to have. But you cannot save everybody.
Set some boundaries. Tell people, tell your clients, tell your community. This is what my expectation is. If you tell me that you are a hell yes, this is what I expect from you.
That’s what I’m going to do this week.
Resources Mentioned
Heather Gray, Mindset Coach

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