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Welcome to another week of Smart Leaders Sell!
I am really excited to be here with you today because I’m coming from one of my favourite places on the planet, which is the Langham Hotel in London.
What I wanted to talk to you about today, is often I see coaches living S Class lifestyles, and to be honest, it’s not really something that does it for me. I’m a jeans and flip flops kind of girl.
01:55 – For me there are different ways of spending money that appeal to me. I spend a lot of money on charitable events and causes, things like that.
02:13 – There are a few lessons that I really learn when I spend time going back to my roots. When I was in corporate sales, I spent time working with major fashion companies and luxury brands.
There are things that they do so well that I think we forget sometimes as coaches, but we should actually be bringing them to people’s experiences.
03:00 – What do luxury brands do really well that keep them with a loyal following who are willing to spend premium prices on their products, despite the fact that their products are re-released regularly?
03:30 – One is the experience. When you walk into a luxury brand store or hotel, or even first class flights, the experience is very different to that which you would normally get.
04:11 – In a luxury brand, the experience is very different. It’s very serene. There’s nice music in the background, and it’s usually classical. It’s quiet, it’s calm, somebody will come over and they’ll ask you if they can assist you. They will usually call you madam or sir, and it really relaxes you. It puts you into that feeling that this is a different experience. This is a quality experience that I’m going through.
05:15 – In the coaching world, you don’t need to do that by hosting a ton of VIP days, or coaching sessions at the Langham. You can do it by having a quality experience.
What happens during your onboarding process? How can you make it fun for your client? How can you make it high quality? Do you send them little welcome gifts?
06:28 – The second thing that the luxury brand market does really well is that they have little things that contribute to the experience, and they make you feel cared for. It’s about showing you that the experience can be easy.
07:30 – What are we doing to make our clients’ lives easy? What are we doing to make the experience easier for them? Are we doing the work that needs to be done? Are we providing them a VA for a couple of hours so that they can get the experience of delegating? Are we helping them to hire the right team?
08:21 – If you are in the coaching industry, it is time to look at how you can make your clients’ lives a bit easier, and what you can be putting in place that makes them feel like they have that premium experience with you because that will make them value it more and make them more committed.
09:00 – The final thing is, it’s actually about the values and the messaging. That’s what makes me a loyal brand advocate.
09:37 – Values and messaging are always consistent and they’re always very important. They stand for certain things.
10:53 – Luxury brands have a clear set of values and the messaging is key. They’re not going after everyone in the market. They are focused on the people that they are getting and making the experience as amazing for them as possible. Because they know that making your experience amazing, means that they are going to get a lot of word-of-mouth business.
11:47 – When you are starting your business, you need to be really thinking – what is the value of what I am doing for people? And how is that coming across in my message? Am I actually selling to the people that want me?
12:26 – When it comes to sales, when it comes to what you are selling, your position is key.
Be like the Langham. Be the one for your customers, and only your customers. Provide an incredible experience. And without a doubt, make people buy from you again and again, and again, and again.
Because we all know, the lifetime value of one customer is not just one sale.



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