Time stamped show notes:

This week, what I really want to talk about is leadership. Sometimes people can feel that leadership isn’t necessarily a topic that is associated with selling.

1:00 – Introduction
1:20 – Sales and leadership? They’re not always the first things we put together when it comes to the successful recipe for a business. But the truth is, if you want one, you have to have the other as well.
2:30 – Here’s where my mission kicks in.
I have spent a decade in the corporate sales world, and the one thing that I found really disconcerting, was that companies have forgotten how to lead effectively. Because what happened was that these companies, they created cultures that just weren’t effective anymore in terms of growing their sales processes.
03:23 – Being a leader is much more than just becoming a CEO of some company, or having to work in corporate. It’s more about your mission.
It’s about why you do what you do. And it’s about taking a stand for what you really believe in.
Ultimately, those of us who own companies that are mission driven, or mission based, are out to help other people. We really want other people to succeed or transform in some kind of area in their life. Whether product or service based, it doesn’t matter.
04:00 – In order to get our mission out into the world, in order to actually impact more people, in order to help more people discover that change, or make that transformation, or have that kind of breakthrough moment when they realize what’s been going wrong and what they need to do to solve their problem, we need to be able to sell.
04:35 – Selling is actually about serving your community, serving your audience and serving your tribe at a high level.
04:45 – Smart leaders sell effectively because they understand that selling to their audience is about being of service. It’s about helping them solve their problem, it’s about helping them become more of the person they want to be, it’s about helping them step up, and as Russell Brunson said, “those who pay, pay attention.”
05:35 – Every big company that has been successful over the last hundred years, have been leaders in their space. It’s not because they are massively different, it’s not because they have a crazy, innovative, re-invent the wheel kind of idea, it’s because they lead.
They lead through value.
They lead through understanding their customers.
And they lead through sales.

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But I was miserable. See, whilst I was spending all that time in the office, stressing over someone else’s PnL or writing appraisals until 3am, I was missing out on going for dinner with the girls, seeing theatre shows and being too tired to visit my family at weekends.

The final straw came when I realized that I had taken my BlackBerry on holiday. And not only had I taken it to the Mediterranean, I had spent more time typing out emails than I had wandering through the back streets of Florence or punting in Venice.It was time to stop. I wanted to be the woman that had it all; the great job, the financial freedom and the opportunity to actually live like I wanted to… But that wasn’t going to fit with my 14 hour days and my identikit office. So I quit.



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